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Our New Location

We are moving into our new home! This 3 acre retail location will feature demo gardens, greenhouses, chicken coops, beehives, eco-building projects and so much more. Come visit us at 1679 Jackson Road in beautiful Ashland, Oregon.

New Product Offerings

You asked and we ordered... Check out all our new products being added daily. Let us know if there is a product you think we should carry. If it's positive and organic we'll stock it. Thanks for Occupying Organics!

Hi-Fungal Wild Worm™ Castings are showing results

We hear time and time again about how spectacular the Wild Worm™ performs in gardens all around. You'll discover healthier plants with faster growth rates and bigger brighter blooms. Since Wild Worm™ is screened to a pure casting it does not take much of it to show results. Sprinkle a...